Friday, 19 April 2013

Writing - GO away I'm editing!


My daughter bought this for my birthday. I'm doing it again - editing. I suppose it is something in my psychological make up but I have never enjoyed going over stuff I've done before. I am not one of these people who like to go back to the same place for their holidays although that probably comes from being taken to Blackpool about four years in a row by my parents when I was a pre-teen.

In fact like many resorts it is better out of season!
There you go again, I'm even avoiding the topic of editing - twice in fact. While I'm writing this I'm not doing it either. I shouldn't worry because I have two people volunteering to edit my work at present! The trouble is I find myself editing their edits!
So to save time I am ploughing through the manuscript myself. This is yet another prevarication - the bottom line being I can't take criticism! The books are like my children. I have created them and in my eyes they are perfect. I'm not talking about the odd grammatical error, everyone is capable of them, but the detail is what I want in there. The characterisations are the way I see them. If you don't like them don't read them. OR write your own books!
What a defensive rant that was! 

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

In point of fact; when all said and done; at the end of the day; or however else you want to put it the stories I tell are the way I tell them. You wouldn't dream of going to another writer and tell them how they should write their own work. Rowling, Dickens, Asimov wouldn't be amused. I don't consider myself as a great writer like them but the stories are mine just as much as Scrooge belongs to Dickens.

Caleb Pirtle III has written a very reassuring blog today about rejection and how often some great authors were rejected before achieving success. He refers to Literary Agents as 'gatekeepers' and suggests that they are in place to prevent the progress of writers. read the whole blog on the link below:-

The fact is I am pleased that I have completed my 5th Steele novel and now just want it to be out there but I've to apply a cover after editing (thanks Jo von Bargen for the reasoning), upload to the publisher Completely Novel, then wait for the proof copies to arrive. I am giving a talk at church on the 30th April and it would be great to have a proof copy available for then but unlikely.

So enough prevaricating I must get on with it now!

God Bless