Thursday, 25 April 2013

Writing - When in Rome

The Colisseum

My daughter and I travel to Rome tomorrow for a few days. I've been to northern Italy but never the capital and Charlotte has never been either so when she expressed the desire I concurred. Of course it means that I won't be back to blogging until next week and it just struck me that perhaps I'll lose all of my followers. Well perhaps not all but I bet there is a tailing off. Never mind that but it would be great coming back to viral book sales! Can you say that? 
As I started writing this blog at 09:15 my phone has just rung to say that the hotel we were originally was staying in is over booked and we are being moved! Oh my God!

Latest - we are now going to be billeted in the Hotel Siracusa next to the Termini rail and bus terminus. Apparently it is noisy!

Irrespective of the above which is turning a little into News at 9! - I am taking a notebook and diary. I have no idea how much I will be able to get down on paper but I want to capture atmosphere in the eternal city.

Even later Latest!
16:30 - Back to the original Tre Stelle hotel. Its as well I'm used to writing stories. I have just taken a call saying that the earlier conversation was a mistake!

I wasn't feeling at all stressed before the first call this morning!

My little contribution in conjunction with the launch of 'A Changed Reality' on Smashwords I am making it free until 25/04/2013 Use the link below and coupon code SH79V

Today is the final day to pick up this freebie.

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

Almost 3000 words in the new book, in a new style and a new decade. Of course it will be on hold until I return from Italy. Travelling is a great source of inspiration for settings.
A second bonus is the option to take my Kindle and read some of my fellow indie folks work and I have decided on

Eleven (Brandon Fisher FBI Series)

God Bless