Monday, 13 May 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - 3 Countries Salad

But to begin with :-

Huhn and Price released after 8 weeks of an 8 month sentence

Why is the release from prison of two proven liars the lead news in this country? They are both to write books but why would anyone want to know why they told lies and tried to cheat the rules of the road? Publishers should refuse to produce these books.

3 Countries salad!

It's the time of year that is hardest for people like me. That is, salad dodgers! Come on, be honest no one really likes chewing on cold tasteless leaves full of cellulose that the vestigial appendix can no longer digest!
I create my own Italian style salads that are full of goodness and have flavour. The above version covers three continents - Asia, Europe and India (ok its a sub-continent) The salad dressing is the black liquid lurking in the bottle at the back of the photo and is Japanese sanbaizu, the bread is actually naan bread from India and the pasta is whole wheat fusili from Italy.
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Cheese baked leeks

I was given some small leeks by a gardening friend the other day and added it to a dish of broccoli tops and pasta.
A hand full of leeks cut long ways
Olive oil
1 clove of garlic
200g goat's cheese
3oz salted butter
1 egg

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God Bless