Monday, 20 May 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Textured Potato Salad and titles.

Now this is a potato salad with attitude. In this photo it is the 'supporting act' to a lightly dusted basa fillet that had been baked in the oven.

The full recipe is on the tab above.

If you haven't tried basa it is worth having ago. A very tasty and meaty fillet. The potato salad has garlic, basil, pepper and loads of other stuff but is not the same as Anthony Worrall Thompson's recipe. Really I should give it a different name but as with writing stories the name could be off-putting. 
Peppery potato salad for example would immediately turn off anyone who doesn't like peppers or capsicums. I suppose that is why Mr Thompson chose 'Textured' - it is a neutral adjective that doesn't evoke tastes that may alienate potential customers. In a way that is why I chose 'Inceptus' for my most recent Steele novel launched this week. It was close to the idea behind the book but different from the recently released film - Inception. I hope 'Inceptus' is neutral enough not to be off-putting for some readers but intriguing enough to attract. Also it is close enough to the film title to be attention drawing.
Just as an example of the power of titles I wrote my blog on Saturday and it had the title 'David Beckham's Charity Work' - I had an astonishing 300 hits that day, around 100 more than usual and most of the extras came from India! I've been sorely tempted to include Mr Beckham in more daily blog titles.

I don't have any pretensions to being a title guru but it is something storytellers need to consider carefully. In my opinion your title needs to reflect something of the nature of the story inside the covers, be attractive to a wide range of readers and succinct! I am learning through experience!

My current project 'Cessation' is roping along at a pace and has developed a life of its own. It is not a Steele story and is almost apocalyptic! The characters are developing with some interesting twists and turns. The lead character is a man in his thirties but his position could be usurped by a stroppy fifteen year old that I introduced as an 'extra' but who seems to be determined to become a central character.

The Stop

A spark of power
would really chill the world
but it has all gone.
©David L Atkinson May 2013

God Bless