Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Poetry Thursday 60 - Romans roaming all over the place.

Some of the hoards at the foot of the Spanish Steps

One of the things that they don't tell you at the travel agents is that when you are going to Rome you are entering a different time relative to what you are used to and by that I mean the 60 seconds in a minute rule!
The evidence is immediately obvious if you travel on the Metro. We travelled several times, beginning on line B - they only have two lines, no guesses of the name of the second - from Castro Pretorio just one stop away from Termini. We have a similar notification system in London where there is a constantly refreshing overhead sign telling how many minutes to the next train. That was where I spotted the stretchiness of the 'Next Train in 1 Minute' legend. 

One of the aforementioned signs.

Roman Minutes

Rules say they are sixty seconds in one
But when in Rome do as the Romans do
Minutes appear to stretch to the sun
But no point in letting your anger brew
It seems that time and tide waits for no man
Stay calm, smile and enjoy this great city
Serve your apprenticeship as a Roman
Wave arms and adopt an expression gritty
You stand between a rock and a hard place
If culture is anally retentive
So bend to Roman time with good grace
And adopt an attitude reflective

Surrounded by history and wonder
Passage of time should take somewhat longer
©David L Atkinson May 2013

God Bless