Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Poetry Thursday 61 - To dog or not to dog!

The above link will take you to a website of an organisation that rescues ex-racing dogs called Tia Greyhounds. They are holding an event at Cannon Hall near Barnsley from 11am on 12/05/2013 if you are interested.
For a while I have been considering a dog as a companion and a friend at church has links to this organisation but below are some of the pros and cons!

To Dog Or Not To Dog

Am I a responsible adult
who would be equally responsible with a pet
or at 63 have I had enough responsibility
to last my life time. And yet
that responsibility for children and relatives
for other pets and people
is still there on tickover until
the next project causes it to steeple
to full functionality yet again
so that love and care can be lavished
on some poor unsuspecting creature
that needs a home where it’ll be cherished.

On the other hand do I need to walk
in all weathers at the crack of dawn.
Can I afford the vets bills, the food and
poo bags that are needed every morn?
Am I too old to be considering an emotional tie
that will come to an end?
Do I need to use money, time and love on a pet
who may become a friend
or a drain on emotions and money
when everything these days is so tight
an animal in the house may
deepen the financial bite!

Greyhound, lurcher or rescue animal
abandoned already in their lives
need a home and YES there’ll be a cost
but shouldn’t we really strive
to provide one of God’s creatures a place
where the minimum they can expect is love.
A quiet and secure situation
giving experiences of the peace of a dove.
So what answer can I expect
settled in my mind’s log?
Will you help me to find a solution
To Dog Or Not To Dog?
©David L Atkinson May 2013

God Bless