Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Poetry Thursday 62 - The Trials of a football fan

This is in the style of the song 'Blaydon Races' - The original song.

The trials of a football fan

Oh my lads you should have seen us praying
begging for help from the Lord above
so we could say we're playing
in the Premier League once more
earning pomp and status
we’re off to the Stadium of Light again
with di Canio there to lead us

Verse 1
I’ve walked to the ground in rain and shine
and watched with joy and despair
the efforts of red, white and black cats
to grab three points from thin air.
The quality of teams a-visiting
as varied as Heinz fifty seven.
If we win the fans will be singing
as if they are in heaven.

Verse 2
This season didn’t turn out the way
the fans thought it would go.
Losing matches at home and away
and another managerial blow.
O’Neill was seen as a saviour
but turned out to have feet of clay.
Can we pinch another three points
or will more of my hair turn grey.

Verse 3
It all came down to the penultimate game
between the Arsenal and Wigan
at the Emirates Stadium - the visitors needed to win one
We were 200 miles away chewing our nails to the wick
hoping Wenger had trained his lads
to play football skilful and quick

Verse 4
Arsenal started quite quickly scoring through Podolski.
By half time Wigan had equalised with a free kick
from Maloney.
The nerves were frayed the hair was lying in
clumps upon the carpet
until Theo Walcott’s burst of speed
brought relief to the doubtful hearted
©David L Atkinson May 2013

God Bless