Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Poetry Thursday 63 - Fly more kites

A few years ago I found a piece of reflective poetry written by a lady in her eighties and it struck a chord. I have failed to find that poem but I have produced a version for myself accompanied by photos of the interior of our church that was decorated with kites made by children and people from the congregation.

When I was young I should have flown more kites

Instead of fighting in the playground
Rather than arguing with my parents
In place of worrying about exams
I should have flown more kites.

Instead of concentrating on soccer
Rather than avoiding my school work
In place of looking for a girlfriend
I should have flown more kites.

Instead of drinking too much
Rather than avoiding deadlines
In place of endless late nights
I should have flown more kites.

Instead of worrying about the kids
Rather than fighting with the wives
In place of agonising about money
I should have flown more kites.

As they soar on the wind there is a freedom
Transmitted down the strings like electricity
Then it fizzes in the brain blowing cobwebs away
Energising the whole being keeping you young.
©David L Atkinson May 2013


The Mist

never goes
but there are patches of light.
Turn the corner
and all seems right.
Dodge round the banks
waiting to trap you.
Recognise the signs that will
hamper the view,
that clog your eyes
as well as your mind.
©David L Atkinson May 2013

This piece of work is the result of a chat with a friend that reminded me of the need to keep an eye on the D - ball!

God Bless