Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Poetry Thursday 64 - minor character - Ethan Small

I have referred to minor characters in books many times before and this is an extension of that chat. Ethan Small first appears in the third Steele novel, 'The Biter Bit' and I introduced him to Patrick Steele's team as a late teen, rather disaffected and related to one of Patrick's existing support team. I had a purpose for introducing the lad and he more than fulfilled that purpose but then he refused to go and as a result appeared in the following two Steele stories. I just couldn't get rid of him! So here is an ode to the lad.

An Ode to Ethan Small

There to take a bullet
for the male lead.
Crippled for life and intended to go
he came back!
His predicament tweaked a conscience
so he stayed.
Guilt drove the part building
partially – more guilt.

He found a niche, a foothold because
he came back.
The niche was widened significantly
so he stayed.
Tables began to turn and he recovered
partially – more guilt.

Essential to the teamwork because
he came back.
A relationship developed because
he stayed.
He had recovered as far as he could
partially – guilt assuaged.
©David L Atkinson May 2013

As a writer of stories I try to use a variety of ways of getting my work 'out there' and taking a character, minor or otherwise, and featuring them on a blog is one idea. The fact that I've used poetry is my own choice but it could have been a short story, a character thumbnail sketch or an extract from the book. I hope these ideas are helpful.

God Bless