Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Strange sights and the reason behind them!

 Know what it is?

I went for my daily walk in the glorious sunshine this morning. I find it is a great way to collect ideas and thoughts around whatever it is I'm writing. Sometimes ideas come from what I've seen, sometimes from what I hear and at other times it is simply my brain re-working things that have come to me about whatever the current project may be. Apart from those benefits it is a great way of getting some exercise and fresh air. This morning was the second consecutive day we in the north of England have had warm sunshine - it makes one quite giddy!
So I set off - without a coat - with the aim of walking for around half an hour. On the way round I saw a girl riding a horse. Know what is in the picture now? The horse was wearing 'ear bonnets' bright red ear bonnets in fact. That set my memory working as I seem to remember that pigs suffer sunburn of the ears as do some cats. I hadn't heard of horses suffering in that way so I decided to look up ear bonnets. Wow what a plethora of info I found. Here is a little for your edification:-

Blueberry Hill is very proud to announce that they are now carrying the De la Coeur Bonnets. De La Coeur believes in helping show horses look their best with ready-made and custom fly bonnets. This is another company proudly made in Canada! It’s a family run business with every bonnet hand crafted in Canada! De La Coeur aims to offer a product that is not only about looks, but also about function. The bonnets are carefully measured to fit, with generous space for the ears and a stretch fabric to provide equine comfort. We are the first company to innovate sound proof ears, using high tech lining to muffle sound and block wind to help each equine focus on its job, instead of itchy and uncomfortable ear stuffs. Our fly veils go through quality control and testing to ensure they will last and not fade for years to come. De La Coeur is dedicated to making beautiful bonnets with exquisite detail and design. In the show ring, it is the subtle details that give a polished appearance and competitive edge, and we look forward to helping your equine partner look its best.

It would seem that some horses require help to concentrate!


There was another spin off as a result of the fine weather. I had occasion to pop into my local supermarket and as I was leaving heard a snippet of conversation which caused me to smile. Alady said to her partner/husband,

"Where do they keep the barbecues?"

That simple statement says so much about our relationship with the weather in the UK. In warmer countries I have found that these pieces of culinary equipment are permanently installed in  gardens, in fact I have built such a barbecue in the garden of a house I lived in. However, over the last 18 months we have had very little in the way of barbecue weather and in the above case the sun created the idea that eating outdoors may be a great idea. It could be after today the new barbecue may have to be stowed away until another sunny spell sometime in the future. Wednesday's forecast is below!

God Bless