Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Writing - Beautiful world +Cricket Day 5

 Frost Flowers

There is a scientific explanation of course but sometimes perhaps we should just accept the beauty for what it is.


Frosty flowers

The frozen tendrils
cascade their icy beauty
warm will melt away.
©David L Atkinson May 2013

I just couldn't resist including this today. There are lots examples of beauty in nature and these frost flowers take a variety of shapes but melt so quickly at a touch, almost as if they don't really exist.

Sea Foam
Sea foam engulfs Footdee in Aberdeenshire 25/09/12.
This stuff is created by the over agitation of seawater that contains high levels of plankton. 
There are pictures of surfers in Australia burrowing their way through sea form in their home country. It is not that clean as the colour and froth is caused by the destruction of the bodies of the plankton that can sometimes contain toxins that good give a serious stomach upset if injested.

Chile is home to the rugged mountain terrain of the Andes and the severe weather extremes at different altitudes make for some stunning ice formations. The above remarkable ice field looks like daggers, but one brave climber makes his way through the Ojos del Salado.

The ice daggers are purely natural. As are the formations in the other pictures and it is such things that perhaps we should share with our children to attract them to the magnificence and precious nature of the world we live in.


Cricket Day 5

England needed 4 wickets to win but the forecast was for a wash out. Pundits and fans alike were totally floored by some of the bizarre decisions made by England. They managed to get on the pitch for 45 minutes this morning and took 2 wickets before the rain came again. Back on again this afternoon about 15:00. England won at 15:37.

God Bless