Sunday, 26 May 2013

Writing - Instant gratification + Cricket Day 3

A great day for Yorkshiremen playing for England yesterday. Joe Root (22) scored a maiden test century, 104 runs in the end, on home soil. Jonny Bairstow hit a very entertaining 64.

There is some interesting language in that description - maiden test century - for example. Simple enough really. Maiden - the first time. Century - 100 runs. Test - a game of cricket between two countries, in this case England versus New Zealand, over a period of five days. Quite an undertaking for the crowd buying tickets for four of the five days, the fifth day is free if you have purchased tickets for the first four. 
I was a little disappointed at the size of the crowd in the cricket ground. It's five years since my last visit when the ground was sold out everyday. This year only 70 percent of tickets had been pre-sold. It had me wondering why?
As in many situations there is never one simple answer but rather a number of changes in logistics and attitudes. For me the shifting advantages between the teams can be intriguing and the game demands longer spans of concentration and effort from the players which is why this form of cricket is aptly named 'Tests'. However, there is a much shorter form called T20 that lasts for no longer than an evening and attracts huge crowds because of its rapid scoring and quick resolution. Another aspect of human nature that has developed over my lifetime is the perceived need for instant gratification and that I believe is mitigating against the longer forms of cricket.

There are similarities between the demise of the long form of my favourite game and the ebook v hardback/paperback book. Fortunately, for us writers who produce work for the Kindle or other e-readers, we are benefiting to a degree from this more convenient form of producing our work. It is quicker and cheaper to produce and therefore more immediately available. I produce both types of book which costs me but I still like the feel of a paperback. As with all change it is necessary for people involved to be adaptable and inventive.
Back to the cricket -  I have noticed other more positive changes at the cricket ground. There is much more sponsorship, the attitude of the stewards is very much more openly friendly, and, there are lots of 'side shows' which are free. When we are marketing our wares we need to think about extras that may tempt our readers. I am not going into detail at this point because we all have our own methods but being adaptable to change is important for all of us.

Test Match Day 3

Another beautiful day with plenty going on.

God Bless