Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Writing - Inceptus launch

In this the 5th Steele novel Patrick tackles the person who has been surreptitiously dogging his footsteps over a number of his adventures. This is not without risk and the focus of his love, Naomi Kobayashi, disappears which seriously affects his ability to function as well as he can. We also find out more about the man himself. The adventure takes him to Eire, France, the USA before he returns to resolve the issue in the UK. Will Patrick finally rid himself of a deadly enemy? Can our hero rescue his love or is it already too late? Another Patrick Steele adventure filled with tension and action as well as the support provided by the team he has developed over the years.

 Venture Galleries promotion.


The above site was pointed out by Caleb Pirtle III on Venture Galleries on Monday (UK). It offers to publish a first line of your book and the appropriate Amazon link twice a day. It is tantalising in that it doesn't publish your name or book title. Whilst delving into the rules of the site I found that self-published books are not allowed to use the service. I include the information here as a way of advertising your own self-published novels, some of you may do this already, but if you don't it could be another slightly different way of promoting your work.

For example:-

'Having often heard the rain in Ireland variously described as 'soft' and 'warm' I now had evidence of what was meant.'


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