Thursday, 9 May 2013

Writing - a new project

Changing horses in midstream

'Better the devil you know'
'A bird in the hand'
'If it ain't broke don't fix it'

Three, and I'm sure there are many more, sayings that are intended to maintain the status quo. I am coming to the end of my second chapter of 'Cessation' a futuristic novel set in 2023 that is not featuring Patrick Steele. I have no problems writing Steele novels having completed five, I could go on and do more, but that is not the way the creative urge is working within me. The Steele novels are enjoyable to produce, there is quite a bit of me in them, and they have allowed me to re-visit, mentally, places that I've visited. However, I was beginning to feel that there was a formula developing and I know me - that path would lead me to become bored and that is the last thing I wanted to feel. Steele is like one of my children - precious! So I began exploring an idea that was floating around in my mind. It was in the apocalyptic genre.

One of the ways I like to entertain myself on wet, miserable days is to watch films and one genre I've enjoyed are films like 'Deep Impact' 'Armageddon' 'Independence Day' 'The day after tomorrow' and going back 50 years 'On the Beach'

Don't ask me why I like these types of film - I just do. This slightly depressive tendency sowed the germ of an idea for a book a few months ago so when I was approaching the end of 'Inceptus' (currently with the editor) I began planning 'Cessation' and finally last week I started to write. At this early stage things are going well. The lead character, Paul, is getting a grip and beginning to lead me to where this story needs to go and rather like the Steele books there is some of me in there although in this case it is more 'political'. I've always been a bit of a political animal in the sense of identifying the rights of the ordinary person and writing emails and letters to relevant groups to register my concerns when we are being disadvantaged. The book is tackling a somewhat larger problem with greater effects on the lives of all of us.

So why change horse in midstream? Tackling a new project is refreshing (a change is as good as a rest) rather like going on holiday. It refreshes the creative urge. Some people can continue to be creative within one genre and that is great for them and I believe that I could continue to write my Steele novels, in fact I have an idea for the next one, but if I am to grow as a storyteller I feel the need to vary my experiences as a writer. Whether this is a one off or a lurch into a different writing area in a more permanent way I don't know at this stage. Whatever, I know I will keep on writing.

God Bless