Friday, 24 May 2013

Writing - A portfolio of work + Day 1 of a test match!

The Complete Atkinson Portfolio

I'm quite proud of this! Perhaps I should remember that pride comes before a fall or that pride is a sin but it is also true that you should celebrate achievements. My first novel was published in August 2011 and the latest just over a week ago which represents a considerable amount of work in a relatively short time. If you add to that 10k words in poetry and a further 15k words of my latest novel 'Cessation' and you have many words. That doesn't include these blogs! Another way of putting it would be I've worked hard and I'm acknowledging the fact without commenting on quality, which is what others will do whether I want them to or not!
That as a storyteller I work hard comes with the territory and if I was idle I wouldn't do it. My choice then. So what draws so many people to do it - write that is? Well it would seem that all people, given the opportunity will at some point write something - speeches, articles, stories, poetry, songs and so on. My drivers were my upbringing, my parents and their attitude to words then literary experience at school and home. I've described these elsewhere in more detail. Still I often wonder why I write then I'll learn something. For example, characters are essential to stories but they can then take the story over. That is the most amazing experience when it happens and it often sneaks up on you. The beauty of writing is that it allows you to examine and re-examine all manner of questions as well as the fundamental question regarding the purpose of writing. Communication doesn't represent the whole of writing but rather a very basic description of one its functions.
Okay that is enough theory. If you want to write then do so and about anything and in any style.

Test Match - Day 1

Headingley, Leeds May 2013

Do I need to say more? It rained on and off all day. The first washed out day at this ground since 1980.

God Bless