Saturday, 25 May 2013

Writing - when you can't! Day 2 of the test match.

Writers' block

If you have it then you are writing the wrong stuff! I interrupted a friend in church a couple of weeks ago who was sat in a pew with the pen poised over the page in his notebook. I asked him if he was ok and he said that he had writer's block and showed me the word he'd written:-


It could be the beginning of anything. I told him my feelings on writers' block. As a story teller, if you get stuck, you are following the wrong path. Perhaps you are writing to a formula that you believe will sell more books, but if that is not natural to you the storyteller then you will become mired in ignorance and will stop writing. If you are writing to fulfil a target then it is harder than writing as you feel you want to and are more likely to get stuck. 
What I'm trying to say is if you want to write and be happy with the outcome, then write what feels right. If you are writing well and are happy with the outcome then there will be a market for the end product. Writing is an art form and doesn't react well to prescriptive direction. Try telling CS Lowry to paint a landscape and he'll make more money than with his industrial scenes.

by C S Lowry

If you want to write for money then I believe that is hard, but if you want to write for the love of it you might just make money and it will be easier!

Test Match Day 2

Two days couldn't have been more different. Yesterday was dull wet and boring with no cricket and today was sunny, warm and exciting. The game got under way and had a magnificent momentum that left the spectators almost breathless by the end of play.

One of the many activities on the western terrace is making beer glass (plastic really) snakes. It is of course banned by the ground authorities but as you can see below still happens. There are lots of traditions on this terrace at Headingley fuelled by beer and a sense of fun. In all the years I've been going there has never been any violent or aggressive behaviour and the crowd do their best to engage with the players. The professional sportsmen have a job to do but if they have a moment to sign autographs they do so. An altogether pleasant and enjoyable experience.

God Bless