Saturday, 18 May 2013

Writing - You have to be in the mood.

You need to be in the mood. I have published 6 books in three years. I am in the mood.
The fact is that anyone can write. We all have the words and use them everyday but we use them in the order that is expected - whereas a poet doesn't always.
Do I consider myself a poet? Am I so arrogant that I will apply an accepted label to what I do? No! I don't care! In the words of the French philosopher, Descartes - 'I think therefore I am'. That is not a clever statement but applies to everyone who thinks. 
In many ways my poetry is an effort to express feelings that I cannot express normally.
Am I sick?
In some ways I have never belonged.
The 'norm' is safe but derogatory to humans.

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

I recently serialised my first Steele novel 'I Have To Get It Right' with Venture Galleries (see the logo at the side of this page). This site is run by two fine authors Caleb Pirtle III and Stephen Woodfin who have been very supportive but who are providing an excellent service to us storytellers. Below is some feedback I received from Caleb which I publish with a sense of gratitude and not a smidgeon of modesty!


It has been a real honor serializing the chapters of your novel.

I knew you were a really fine writer.

But this works its way under your skin and stays there.

I don't even think you know how good you are.

Caleb Pirtle III

Such feedback is so good for the soul and I hope it encourages readers of this blog to dip into my books and learn a little more about where I'm coming from. The poetry is possibly more revealing but don't dismiss the stories. All authors tend to write from where they are.

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