Thursday, 30 May 2013

Writing - YouTube upload - 'Living Alone'

For those who live alone

You awake to silence when you’re on your own.
The winding road of day stretches ahead.
It’s your choice if you wish to stay alone
or seek the company of those you dread.
TV chatters at you with inane noise-
an entertainment that’s questionable.
Surround yourself with electronic toys
but passage of time is still palpable.
With quietness creativity rules-
joyful release of imaginations.
Millions of words are favourite tools
Carriers of the mind seen situations.

Having no one to interrupt the muse
a blessing the writer can then abuse.
©David L Atkinson May 2013

The link is to my YouTube reading of the poem. It is something I am experimenting with as it is another marketing tool. As you will see the performance is far from polished but please listen to the words. It is not intended as another wallow in self-pity but in fact a partial solution for those inclined to write.
What follows is a prayer for those who live alone.

 I Live Alone

I live alone dear Lord,
stay by my side.
In all my daily needs
be Thou my guide.
Grant me good health
for that I pray
to carry on my work
from day to day.
Keep close my heart 
my every deed
let me be caring in my
neighbours' need.
I live alone dear Lord
yet have no fear
as I feel your presence
ever near.

This is NOT written by myself.

God Bless