Monday, 24 June 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Bouillon de cassoulet avec boulettes des poulet et des saucisse Cumberland

I was looking for something a little different for the weekend and came up with my version of Rachel Khoo's cassoulet. I'm afraid it isn't a true cassoulet because it doesn't have the duck and the sausage are Cumberland style as opposed to Toulouse. I chose the recipe because the soup base is quite a light bouillon (light broth) style made by boiling smoked bacon, mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes which are then discarded. The lack of duck breast is directly attributable to the fact that 300g of the said meat would have cost £7.50 which I wasn't prepared to pay. The Cumberland sausage as opposed to Toulouse is directly the result of shopping in Yorkshire as opposed to France.
I would suggest that the meatballs (boulettes) could be made with a variety of combinations depending on taste. If the sausage is too spicy however, it will overpower the fowl.
The full recipe is on the TAB above.

Then after a particularly emotive meeting I wrote the following. Now it is poetic but I wonder if it also could be described as prose! In fact that is not wholly accurate, because the idea came to me around 05:30 this morning!


Insidious Action

A three-headed hydra spits its wreaking, visceral poison 
at the dreadfully, reasonable, approaching mob.
The beast is protecting its ancient and decaying icon
an ill-designed, tile enveloped monolith of dubious origins.

The tide of awfully kind but determined vandals
bent on taking the sledgehammer of modernism
to the filthy, stained steel and split wood false god.
This ancient corner protected by the ravening beast 
could be a portal for Beelzebub to enter this sacred place!

Even the off world lighting casts no illumination
on this artificial black hole.
Rank and file considered alternatives to the foul menhir
but first - out with the old!
©David L Atkinson June 2013

God Bless