Monday, 3 June 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Fusilli with sausage

Fusilli with sausages

It could be that you are getting fed up with cheap and cheerful recipes well to misquote Rowan Atkinson in 'Keeping Mum' - 'live with it folks' - for now anyway. A very funny film that also has Maggie Smith and a slightly sleazy Patrick Swayze therein.

This meal is also quite low in calories given that it contains sausage. They are supermarket own brand and low fat - 75 calories each - nevertheless tasty. The style is obviously Italian but it is also quite spicy as it contains chilli and paprika. So, in my opinion, more of a change than it first appears. It is also very simple and quick to prepare.

As always the full recipe is on the TAB above.

I've been experimenting with word clouds to use as a bit of an advertising tool. However, I am unable to find such clouds on Microsoft and the online offerings like to advertise their own sites (see bottom right corner) - any better examples? Please leave a comment with your suggestions.


Some more Leonard Cohen poetry. There is only one word to describe this one and that is - weird -  but I like it without really being able to say why. I think that is ok too. Quite often we are asked to justify all sorts of choices we make, whether it be food, music, books and art, but sometimes we just like something because it's there!

God Bless