Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Poetry Thursday 66 - How to write poetry.

How to write poetry

There are loads of different exercises and by typing in the above heading or variations of it you can obtain loads of examples. I chose to expand on two of them.

1. The poem below came from an exercise I found on Google. It was simply to write a fairly mundane sentence about anything at all and then develop it and expand. The sentence I wrote was 'The sky is blue in the evening sun.' I brainstormed alternatives for sun and blue including shades, times of day and seasons  See belowthen I started writing phrases until I came up with whole group that I liked and started to put them down in an order I was happy with.

Blue Sky Thinking

The late evening early summer orb
spills its dying rays across the
black velvet of the universe
and polluted earth’s atmosphere,
creating a steely blue vista flecked
with occasional white.

The culmination of a summer’s day
that began somewhat grey
but reached a crescendo of blue evening light.
With the potential of another day that may just
fulfil the season’s promise.

As the sun withdraws to rest itself and us
from its vapour sapping power.
It teases out expectation of more of the same
But is it falsifying the evidence and leading us on
to misplaced  hope rather like a reluctant virgin?

©David L Atkinson June 2013

2. Grand Theft Poetry

The idea behind this is to 'borrow' lines from existing poems. Choose 10 or 12 poems, select a line from each and write them down. Don't look for the best or those with links just a rapid selection. Once you have made your choice shuffle them into what you feel is a poetic order that suits.

Grand Theft Poetry

I cannot think the creature died
because he is of the tribe of tigers.
Everyone believed there was one cat too many
but who rides the tiger can never dismount.
Perhaps he'll wind up another night of sluggish trade.
There may be a scrap of paper in the hall or on the stairs.
He goes in to see what they're at.
Its dark but through the window I see no star
even when they throw down their spears.
He stooped and drank a little more
and at last and sidelong he returned.
©David L Atkinson June 2013

I am not sure that this example suits me. I have said many times that I believe poetry to be an emotional response to a situation and mechanically selecting lines in this way goes against my feelings. 
Sometimes writing poetry can simply begin by writing a word or phrase list about a theme. It may be you just start writing and see what comes out with a polishing process later. Which ever method you choose will feel right to you and I wish you luck in your search.

Remember a poet is someone who has dared to pull back the veil of reality and look at real life.

God Bless