Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Poetry Thursday 68 - The pen is poised.

The Pen

The pen is poised ready to bleed words from brain to page.
Ability to create not related to age.
Mind pictures made for all to read.
Writing is not a skill – rather a need.

The busy pen rests once again
but not for the writer to re-charge the brain.
Rather to rest the flagging physique
to then produce stories no less unique.

The pen trembles in its trap
anticipating the hare passing – gates thunder clap.
Pictures form in the writers’ mind
no lack of ideas there to find.

The pen bleeds out the writers’ soul
leaving marks for those who read to know
the value of all existence.
The burgeoning reason for our persistence.

The pen inserts its final ending
but the trail maintains forever living.
A body must wear out and finally desist
but as long as there are readers - words will persist.
©David L Atkinson June 2013

If you are a writer you have the curiosity and observational skills to present the world in a variety of ways. Some of the approaches you use will not please readers and some will have fanatical followers. Writing is like painting the techniques and quality can be worked upon but the premise behind what you have written comes from within you and is not teachable. It may not be very marketable either but you should stay true to the writer you are.

God Bless