Thursday, 27 June 2013

Writing - More bleeding pen. Invisibility!

The BBC were exploring loneliness and the older members of the population! I am fortunate in that this emotion is not something I currently feel. I am not being glib in saying that, loneliness can creep up on anyone and living alone as I do there is a level of vulnerability. BUT that is not the purpose of this subject being included here, it was the self-satisfied people in the studio's attitude of skills to avoid loneliness can be learned. I'm sorry but that is bollocks! They were referring to learning how to get more out of your relationship! Starting hobbies earlier so that when you lose your partner you have something to fill the gap! They were just two of the naive and unworkable solutions they offered.
As we get older our world tends to shrink and by that I mean our social world. I was at a funeral earlier in the week, and I'm attending another next Monday, and just as the service was about to begin a friend turned to me and said, 'As we get older we attend more of these things!' That really sums up in a very short statement what life is like for many of us.
As we get older we lose partners and friends and so our world shrinks. It's easy for some glib, 30 something married person to say that we can learn how to combat all the affects of ageing. I hope she lives a long time and has the opportunity to reflect on her words!



Lonely has no age.
The chill of declining years
is not the trigger.
©David L Atkinson June 2013


My Gallery

 These daubs are various views
that I have experienced.

The photography isn't great and neither is the painting and if you follow my blog regularly you may wonder what I am up to. Well its about 'visibility' and creativity. Yesterday and in previous blogs I have given my opinion on the nature of being a writer and the fact that if you are a 'real writer' the marketing success aspect is secondary to the drive to create. The above are my attempts at another form of creativity and I can add other examples - pencil sketching and knitting. What I'm saying is that if there is creativity within you then you are stuck with it! You won't necessary make money from it, hence the invisibility, but it is still there and it is part of you as a functioning human being.
From the aspect of marketing success, it tends to be both 'fashionable and subjective' that is, fashions change and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

God Bless