Thursday, 13 June 2013

Writing - Poetry on YouTube

I wrote my usual poetry blog yesterday and shared the results of a 'how to write poetry' exercise. These I am going to have as the subject of my YouTube blog today.

My aim of uploading these poems is to become more comfortable but so far that doesn't seem to be working I feel that I still look like a frightened rabbit in the car headlights! However, the content is interesting I hope to more than just myself.

'A book is a friend that does what no friend can do - stay quiet when you want to think!'

The newest project of mine 'Cessation' has surpassed 20k words. It is a slightly different take on post-apocalyptic Britain. I can hear you groaning 'Oh No! Not another one.' but I believe that it is a different take in that I'm consecrating on relationships, reasons for the apocalypse happening and a different take on group dynamics. As this is a departure from the Steele novels I half thought it may be a bit of a struggle but I think there is a momentum to an exciting new work that carries you forward. I was discussing this with my daughter, who is writing in her spare time, and she has admitted to 'first chapter syndrome'. She talked a great deal of what Caleb Pirtle III featured in a recent blog and that was 'voice'. I'm sure that she will get over it but she did say that when she re-reads her first chapter it doesn't come across as she wants it to. I suggested that she writes a second chapter before re-reading, which may work for her. Whatever she will find a way.

I just bought: 'Broom's Odyssey' by Jo VonBargen

This Texan author and poet produces vivid and compelling work. I just bought the above book for my Kindle.

God Bless