Saturday, 1 June 2013

Writing - Stretching your imagination.

Face spotted by Onformative's GoogleFace project near Magadan Oblast in Russia

See the face?

People have long seen faces in the Moon, in oddly-shaped vegetables and even burnt toast, but a Berlin-based group is scouring the planet via satellite imagery for human-like features. What's behind our desire to see faces in our surroundings.
Most people have never heard of pareidolia. But nearly everyone has experienced it.
Anyone who has looked at the Moon and spotted two eyes, a nose and a mouth has felt the pull of pareidolia.
It's "the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist", according to the World English Dictionary. It's picking a face out of a knotted tree trunk or finding zoo animals in the clouds.

When we write our stories is it possible that all we write is encapsulated in that one phrase:-

 "the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist"

Of course it is easier to write than appreciate the full meaning or carry out everything the statement means. Writing is about 'imagined perceptions' and for the most part they don't actually 'exist'. The patterns and meanings are down to us. In many cases the outcomes are derived from stretches of the imagination and the tendrils of the imaginings we decide to follow. With me it is quite political and so Steele is righting the wrongs in society that I perceive. The new book 'Cessation' is about what society is doing to itself and one of the possible outcomes of continued human folly.

The above photo is the summer version of one of my favourite views. It is part of a path I walk on a regular basis and looks amazing dressed for summer. It reminded me of Monty Wildhorn (Morgan Freeman) teaching Finnegan O'Neil about imagination in 'The Magic of Belle Isle'. He asked the child what she didn't see along the path. A searching question or an opportunity?

Is it a path to somewhere?
An opening or a closing?
A threat?
An ending?
A way to salvation or perdition?

All sorts of possibilities. The point is it is an opportunity for imagination to soar.

God Bless