Saturday, 8 June 2013

Writing - Strong characters

 Prince Phillip (92)  Nelson Mandela (94)

The strength of characters in our stories is of prime importance if the readers are to engage with them and want to read more about their adventures. I was reminded of the importance of this with the news of two extremely strong men who, both of great age and immense personality, are unwell. It goes without saying that I wish them well but there is the significant factor of age in both cases. God bless them both.

My lead character, Patrick A Steele, is built. Does that sound arrogant? I hope not because what I mean is that with the most recent story, Inceptus, there is more detail of his early life which completes the picture. I had always intended to provide him with some history and when I began the latest story it was in my mind to stop writing Steele novels but I was unsure as to whether to kill off my hero or to leave him with options at the end. Read the book to find out what happens. The links are at the side of this blog.

As an aside the book is now available through Amazon, WH Smith, Waterstones and Barnes and Noble. It can be bought as an ebook or paperback on both sides of the pond.

Back to the characters. Strong characters are not just big fast and invulnerable, in fact although Steele has acquired an impressive skill set he is not exceptionally tall or strong. The strength I have strived to develop is within his personality and for a fully rounded character there should also be a modicum of vulnerability. The latter trait could not be so significant that he couldn't work but needed to be there for realities sake. Like the two great men at the top of this page Steele is human and so has his frailties. 
Then there is the love element of Steele. He is not an island and nor is he a Casanova but he likes women and has 'dabbled' at various times. In fact the romantic element has grown over the last four stories. Want to no more? Read it!

I read a colleagues blog about design of the same and have removed the pop-ups from this blog so I hope that it is more user friendly than before.

God Bless