Thursday, 6 June 2013

Writing - YouTube a 2nd attempt - the meaning of words.

Yes I am having another go at YouTube. Wise? I don't know! People of my generation and background don't go round broadcasting themselves. The poem is better and the reading slightly less wooden. I suppose that as in all things 'practice makes perfect' then I will get better at this and lose the lack of confidence that is tangible at the moment.


The meaning of words.

The poem featured in the blog yesterday and in the above YouTube link is called Xanthous, with a 'u'. I was looking for something a little more mysterious than 'Yellow' for the title of the poem and chose Xanthous from a thesaurus. Since then I've come across a number of alternatives for the same word or name.

Xanthus of Lydia was a native Lydian historian and logographer who, during the mid-fifth century BC, wrote texts on the history of Lydia

Xanthus and Balius are the two immortal horses that Poseidon gave to Peleus as a wedding present. 

Xanthus King, Jeremiah
King Jeremiah is a Dark Spirit who invades you in the Painted World of Ariamis. It says in the item description that King Jeremiah was exiled to the Painted World along with other exiled people/abominations.

Finally the definition of Xanthous (and sometimes Xanthus) : 
 relating to, or designating races with yellowish hair and a light complexion.
So nothing is ever cast in tablets of stone. In fact the context is of prime importance to ascertain true meanings at times. I remember many years ago being party to a conversation concerning the cleverest person in the world. A scenario between a boy and a man taking a walk in a forest was described where the child repeatedly asked for the name of trees, animals and other objects. The supposedly intelligent man admonished the child for worrying about the names and insisted that it was function and relation to others that was more important. This was supposedly a sign of intelligence. If you consider for a while someone with a good memory can regurgitate lists of names which is a stop or two short of understanding the function of the objects in the list.

When we write we choose our words to generate ideas and pictures in the minds of the reader and so the choices we make are essential. They are our basic and probably most important tools.

God Bless