Monday, 22 July 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Salmon Puff and curried rice

Salmon Puff

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Yet another recipe from the Durham WI Cookbook. It should have been baked in a soufflé dish but as I don't possess the same it was made in a casserole and tasted just as good. It is unlike a soufflé in that it can be kept and eaten cold without it collapsing into a rubbery mess.
The recipe comes from Ingleton, Co. Durham.

Curried Rice
There is no great mystery to this recipe and the ingredients can be tinkered with, so as I have an aversion to the tendency to make everything sweet and sour, the raisins were omitted!

The completed dish.

To make curried rice you need to make a curry sauce and the easiest way is to mix a teaspoonful of your favourite curry powder with a little still warm boiled water, a soupçon of chilli powder, a little English mustard, a clove of crushed garlic and equal amounts of olive oil and white wine vinegar. Stir well and toss in your rice, a few peas a little sweetcorn, green pepper and pimentos. If you like a little extra bite add a pinch of cayenne pepper. Now this is my own mixture and I've used it on rice, pasta and cold potatoes. 


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