Monday, 29 July 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Things to do with protein

 Pork and Stuff

It's summer and quite warm even in the UK. I don't often feel like slaving over a luke warm stove let alone a hot one. I am also a salad dodger and have been all my life. That combination of situations often leaves me scrabbling about for something cold to put on the plate with my protein. It actually results into a heightened level of creativity in me.
I have always liked special rice. White boiled rice on its' own I find very bland but add a few peas, sweetcorn and chopped spring onions with salt and black pepper and you have a much tastier dish and accompanies the pork on the left.
Be warned this is not swede. The turnip is smaller has a purple top where the light has got to the top and the underside is white. They need peeling to take the thin fibrous 'skin' and then all I did was saute them in olive oil, spring onions, garlic and a little white wine vinegar. Really sweet.

Pork Steaks
In both meals the steaks were marinated overnight in teryaki sauce which I bought from the supermarket. The meat was grilled with seasoning added in both cases however on the left I created my own seasoned breadcrumbs.
For the breadcrumbs I used wholemeal bread, salt and black pepper, sage, thyme, a couple of spring onions and an ounce of strong cheddar all combined in a food processor. Totally a la David and quite tasty.

Again avoiding green leaves I used fusilli with spring onions, a tomato, a boiled egg, and cucumber with salt and blackpepper. The dressing is sanbaizu the Japanese dressing made from sugar 2oz, rice wine 5fl oz, light soy sauce 2 fl oz and half a teaspoon of salt.
This is a recipe I've used previously and its a spicy concoction with curry powder, cayenne pepper, English mustard, fresh basil and mayonnaise.

So you can see the lengths I will go to to avoid green leaves!

Ben Aaronovitch

This guy was interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning and is the creator of the Peter Grant novels. I mention him because he is not a huge superstar who is published because he is famous but because he is achieving after many years of script writing. He is a talented man who wrote for Blake's 7 and Dr Who (Sylvester McCoy's era.) among other things. The link below is to Ben's blog which is well worth the visit.

God Bless