Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Poetry Thursday 71 - Down the drain

Down the Drain
The kitchen sink swallows the world.
Look down into what has been left behind.
Soiled crockery, dregs of tea and crumbs,
the crumbs of things hard-earned by mankind.

A flow of water to cleanse unfurled,
sweeps away the detritus wasted by human kind,
never completely washes away the stains
and marks of usage randomly assigned.

Remove a plug and the water of life spins away
down the drain carrying its detritus
to the streams, rivers and finally the sea.
The cycle to begin again driven by the sun’s impetus.
©David L Atkinson July 2013

I set off on the Transpennine Express to the National Railway Museum in York. I had been sort of planning the trip for a fortnight since I heard that Mallard's 75th Anniversary visit was taking place. As a result of other commitments today, the last day of the celebration for the following reason :-

On 3 July 1938, A4 class locomotive Mallard raced down Stoke Bank at 126mph to set a new steam locomotive world speed record. That record still stands.

You couldn't plan what happened. I had a trouble free and very rapid journey, arrived in York at 10:44 in bright sunshine and made my way to the museum. I had been warned about queues but what greeted me was almost laughable. The crowds of people were exiting the building on masse pursued by the sound of the fire alarm! The staff and customers were held outside in the blazing sun for about 45 minutes before we were finally allowed through the doors. From then onwards the day picked up amazingly. I know I'm such an anorak. My tribute is below.


Fastest wheels on steam
Streamlined beauty, awesome force
Carrying people
©David L Atkinson July 2013

God Bless