Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Poetry Thursday 72 - How to stay healthy.

Healthy Living

There is something strange about life,
the way the media advise us to keep it!
As if its’ bestowing was under our fief
So as to prevent the loss of it!

Don’t drink too much alcohol
lest you lose your liver.
Iron self-control should be the protocol,
or watch your hands begin to quiver.

Don’t become overly obese,
too much weight may strain your heart.
Consume green weeds and seeds at your ease.
You will not gain weight – just fart!

Don’t even begin to smoke
the nicotine will bring about addiction.
Tar will make your lungs a joke
you’ll never be rid of the dread affliction.

Don’t have genital or oral contact
throat cancer may be the outcome.
How the human race goes on intact
is a mystery on our lonesome!

Don’t go for the health screening
you’ll end up being filled with pills!
God has mapped your life’s progressing
and oversees the nature of all ills.

Do allow more faith into your life
and you will worry less about the end.
You know the pathway’s not without strife
but on the victory of Jesus you can depend.
©David L Atkinson July 2013

God Bless