Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Time for a change?

Today's blog is generated from the lack of readers for the last few days. I've watched a video about changes in traffic, I'm aware that if a feeder site goes down that can affect traffic but I'm also aware of human attention spans! As a teacher  I was aware that adult students struggle to maintain their attention for much more than 20 minutes so it is important to introduce change to re-engage listeners attention. Now I haven't done any research on attention span related to blogging but logic would suggest that readers will become bored even with daily changes to content. 
Now this is all very scary for a writer who, like so many of that tribe, has tendencies towards OCD! However, having chatted briefly with Claude Nougat, an author friend, who blogs twice a week, coupled with the above I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to do something different. (While typing that I can feel my inner psyche screaming NO!!). The fail safe for us sufferers is that we can always go back to the way it was before!

Next Steps

These are things that I feel I need to do:-

1. Change the design of the page.
2. Alter the TABs as I only really use one!
3. Blog less frequently!
4. Be more savvy about the links I include.
5. Take vallium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so that is my list and I'm sure some of you less anally retentive people out there will be muttering things like 'come on make an effort' and my answer would be 'How do you eat an elephant? - answer One bite at a time.'

The first step may not be too difficult as Blogger provides some reasonably good templates to try. The TABs thing again should be easy to sort but I am toying with the idea of changing one of them to include extracts from my books.
The 'blogging less frequently' could be difficult for me because I have a basic need to write every day and as in my 'Are writers are weird blog' I also have a need to be paid attention to. The fact that I won't be blogging daily doesn't mean that I won't write with the same level of frequency. Initially I'm thinking four times a week would probably be satisfying for both me and my followers. 

Content of my blogs is quite varied, I think. So condensing what I write into four instead of seven won't work. I need to change some of the content. For many months I've written a weekly recipe and that alone is becoming more difficult. Well there is a limit to the number of ways you can prepare fish pie! So although I will drop the weekly input the TAB will remain, no I'm not chickening out, I just won't produce a new recipe every week.
I love writing my poetry, whether you like it or not, so that will remain!
The remaining three blogs will be on issues and experiences  that affect me and my life and that I feel will be of interest.

Those are my ideas and when you have a look at the blog you will notice cosmetic changes that were easy to implement but I would appreciate some feedback.

God Bless