Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Writing and the surveillance society

I love gadgets. I bought a BBC Electron home computer around 1985 before home computers were that popular. I have a Phillips mobile phone which is the size of a brick and about 20 years old, over the years have tried out all sorts of things. Now that I'm writing I have felt the need to curb the number of gadgets available to Patrick Steele because I didn't want him to be too much like James Bond. I believe that I've established that and now whatever he wants to use is up to him.
There have been a shed load of films with 'Big Brother' connotations. Eagle Eye, Conspiracy Theory, Chain Reaction, Enemy of the State,  to name a few. If you have never seen the last one, Enemy of the State starring Will Smith, I advise you not to if you are in the slightest bit nervous about being spied upon. I promise you you will never look up at the sky again, say anything in tones above a whisper, or use your mobile!
The bottom line is that there is so much written about the subject that it must be true.

Just some of the gadgets available and the link below will take you to a website at which many can be purchased.

Dragonfly Spy

Dragonfly Spy
The first insect-sized aerial vehicle (insectothopter, developed to explore intelligence collection via miniature devices). The CIA's R&D team created the bug in the 70s, and it became the first flight of an aerial vehicle the size of an insect.

If you consider the above dragonfly spy was created in the 1970s I ask the question how sophisticated are the gadgets now? Hopefully, if you are up to no good then I'm pleased! As a writer I'm also pleased because I, and every other writer who wishes to use this type of surveillance in their stories, has carte blanche to be as creative as they like.

So when you turn in tonight just check the smoke alarm, light fittings, the pot plants in your home, remove the battery from your mobile and keep the windows shut against night insects. Sleep well!

God Bless