Friday, 12 July 2013

Writing - Conditions for creation

You could argue that this is the most pointless blog that I've produced. Well let's face it the conditions in which I am most productive with my writing are peculiar to me. I think that it would be foolish even to try and categorise preferences and that is not my intention. What I want to consider is the way in which the conditions in which a writer works best interacts with the writers 'voice'. In a sense it is the mood in both the physical, physiological, mental and emotional sense.

First of all the physical situation in which I write is peculiar to me. I live in a one bedroom apartment which also has a lounge and a dining/kitchen. In a sense I have few choices but I do write in the lounge with the computer on my lap.
 I sit on the sofa, coffee table in front of me, usually with a drink thereon, and with either the radio or TV playing. Unlike others who I've heard describe their situations I can't write in silence. It is almost as if I have too many thoughts going through my mind and silence would allow them all to overwhelm me to the point where I wouldn't be able to concentrate! Like  half a dozen people all talking at once and demanding your attention simultaneously. Perhaps that is part of the writer's virus!

Although I could go through a list of other conditions the other singularly most important state is the emotional or mental state. As my father used to say, and as I inferred in 'Are all writers weird', I have to be as nutty as a fruitcake! Now the truth of the matter is I never write my novels under the influence of alcohol. I must admit that I have been known to produce a blog or the odd poem in that state but never my novels. In a sense I have a feeling of responsibility towards my characters (which isn't always reciprocated!). 

Finally, one aspect that I haven't mentioned thus far is time or quantity. I am not writing for financial reasons (just as well!) and so I'm under no pressure to produce a book within a given time period. So what is comfortable for me? Sometimes I don't touch the novel that is in progress for days and at other times I will produce  two or three thousand words in a day. Suffice it to say that I do what I feel comfortable doing. The only advice I would offer is that don't leave it too long between visits to the pages of your book and don't write until you are exhausted. That is really all about quality.

So when you write and have found a place and situation then don't compromise yourself. Always write in your place in the frame of mind in which you do your work most comfortably and don't let anyone interfere!

God Bless