Saturday, 6 July 2013

Writing - How should we use our words?

Having suffered from hayfever since the age of 11 I have shifted some tonnage in tablets! I'm also allergic to being ripped off so consider the following information:-

Morrison's Supermarket

14 tablets for £1.19 that is 8.5p/tablet

Boots Pharmacy

7 tablets for £2.99 that is 42.7p/tablet

The boxes were different colours, the contents 10mg loratadine were produced by a company called Galpharm in S Yorkshire. They were packaged by the named companies Morrison's and Boots.

I have forwarded this information to a BBC programme website called 'Rip Off Britain'


To reassure you that there is joined up thinking in this blog I have been advised to have a look at a blog about words called 'The Inky Fool'. It is produced by a chap called Mark Forsyth and is side splittingly funny. The link is below:-

I am not about to reproduce the writings of this amazingly talented writer but I advise anyone who is reading this and has an interest in words, their usage and origin to pay a visit.


More philosophically and harking back to the blog I wrote yesterday on writers = weird I wrote a poem, as I often do. Also, because when I wrote the poem, I was feeling more weird than usual and had a problem with the title, so here goes:-

Write a story, then a poem with the leftovers!

Take a landscape
cut it up.
Throw away the lid.
Put it back together again
as best you can.

Take a pair of scissors
trim the edges
and put the view
back together again
as best you can.

With the pieces left over
try and match them up.
Make a new pattern
with the fragments.
Produce a disjointed view.

Look at the world in
different ways.
Gaze at the view
through one eye!
Understand as best you can!
©David L Atkinson July 2013

It means what it means!


So we write, we may be a little weird, and we examine the world from different perspectives. How can this be useful? Over history writers working as journalists have strived to use their words to influence activities of countries and governments. One such writer was George Orwell ( pen name for Eric Blair).

George Orwell (1903 - 1950)

George Orwell expounded on socialism in bot the UK and abroad. He was even described as a traitor because of some of his views but one thing is certain, his desire to use his audience to air the views he held certainly had an effect. People listened and, although it is unknown as to whether the ruling classes paid much attention or changed policies, he is still having an effect over sixty years after his death. To illustrate some of his views I include this short synopsis of 1984 and a comment from the man himself.

Nineteen Eighty Four depicts a nightmare future in which all the citizens of a totalitarian state live under constant surveillance from telescreens controlled by Big Brother. The central character, Winston Smith, embarks on a clandestine love affair with Julia, a party member, and joins The Brotherhood, an illegal organisation dedicated to the overthrow of Big Brother. He is caught, tortured and brainwashed. He ends up loving Big Brother. Orwell enlarged on the theme of the falsification of history in this book:
“If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say of this or that event, it never happened – that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death?
So back to where I started and the scandal of pricing and the exploitation of ordinary people by capitalists. The situation of the loratadine is a symptom and it was brought about by Margaret Thatcher when she stated that there should be no interference from government in the pursuit of business and profits. What followed was a removal of controls which gave power to those who 'have' which intentionally or otherwise results in the persecution of the 'have nots'!
When we set off to write our stories, poems or blogs we do so with the best of intentions. We write with the wealth of experience that is behind us. If what we write has benefit to others in whatever form then our writing is worthwhile. My intention of today's blog is that who ever reads it is given pause to consider.
God Bless