Friday, 26 July 2013

Writing - Mirror, signal manoeuvre


Yesterday I blogged about mirrors, this morning I followed a guy through my home town of Mirfield who turned right without signalling his intentions. I was reminded of my driving instructors mantra 'Mirror - Signal - Manoeuvre '! It all seemed inextricably linked.
The fact that the driver in front of me didn't indicate his intentions is not unusual these days so much so that the road rules have changed from 01/07/2013 to embrace such misdemeanors. So what has this to do with writing?

When we write we tend to reflect on our own experience and write from where we are at. This gives our writing the quality of verisimilitude with which readers may be able to identify.

When we have decide on some action  in our story it is possible to engage the reader by developing a level of excitement through simply dropping hints as to what is going to happen.

Write the action that you have been guiding the reader towards.

A little contrived you might say but that is your right. It is also a possible framework that some may find useful. The dropping of hints is a strategy that pervades good tales and is also used at the end of each episode of TV serials. We who scribe may use the same idea at the end of chapters to generate a sense of anticipation in our readers. I personally don't think that it is always necessary as, like the TV soaps, it can appear to be rather contrived. So take care!

Talking of signs:-

This has come from Mark Forsyth's Inky Fool blog. He also quotes Thomas Nashe's strange work 'Summer's Last Will and Testament' in which about poets he says,

There grew up certain drunken parasites, 
Termed Poets, which for a meal's meat or two 
Would promise monarchs immortality;
They vomited in verse all that they knew

I just couldn't resist the verse it makes me feel quite at home.

God Bless