Thursday, 25 July 2013

Writing - Mirrors reveal the soul.

It is quite surprising how often mirrors are included in stories. In fact I received my first and only ever acting award for taking the part of a rather well-spoken mirror in Sleeping Beauty - the award was for my diction which is quite amusing as I am from the 'mackem' speaking area of the north east of England and was performing in Halifax. Perhaps mackem sounded posh to the simple Yorkshire folk!
In one of my current favourite films, 'The Magic of Belle Isle',  Morgan Freeman takes a mirror to his neighbours' as a dinner gift as the house he was eating at was inhabited by females and he thought it appropriate! (Don't shoot the messenger!) 
There is a mirror in Spiderman, Harry Potter and various ghost and horror movies too numerous to mention and it is fairly simple to ascertain why. The title of the blog really explains what I mean. A mirror allows you to look and really see yourself if you open your eyes properly. It is easy to trim one's beard and comb the locks without really looking but if you peer into your eyes beyond the biological entity you are looking into your soul. As writers we probably do this more than 'normal' people. I am not saying that writers aren't normal just that they are forever looking beyond the surface and deeper into the mirror.

Justus von Liebig

The above gentleman was a chemist reputedly guilty of the invention of the mirror. I hate him with a vengeance!  The title of this blog refers to the fact that the soul is revealed to the owner not to anyone else.
As it is my Poetry Thursday I was inspired to produce the comedic effort after having spent a delightful half hour in the presence of a young lady who was trying to do the proverbial. (Make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!) 

The Mirror

I went to have my haircut this morning
it’s the longest I ever stare at my glower.
You can’t avoid that old reflection
in a room for the management of the coiffure

At home I have a full length mirror
to aid me in the act of dressing.
I stand, straighten things out and tuck bits away
then put on clothes for concealing.

I move at my fastest in the bedroom
passing quickly that damned vertical reminder
of years of self-indulgence and enjoyment
culminating in the fuller figure.

Justus von Liebig has a lot to answer for
creating the beast that never lies.
It reproduces that which we would prefer
was ever hidden from our eyes.

©David L Atkinson July 2013

God Bless