Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Writing - A new King is born (Brutus Greenshields II)

So a new baby has been welcomed into the Royal family. However, this one is special! It's a little like a new book being released by an author. With the child, yet to be named but I'll come round to that, the potentials are endless whereas a book's future is somewhat less omnipotent. This baby will be third in line to the the throne of this great and historical country after his father William and grandfather Charles. A book could bobble along the bottom of the river of sales with the occasional higher bobble or it could float above the rest. That's it for the book really and the royalties (see where that came from!) will be whatever they will be.

Going back to the royal(tie)s! Little Cambridge will have to be named carefully. He is unlikely to be a Darren, Duane, Dwayne or Eric! William and Kate will need to take into consideration the name he will take as king sometime in the distant future. They will undoubtedly look back at names of grandparents, parents and people who have been special in their own lives. The likelihood is that he will have a string of Christian names, and yes I can use that term in this case, I feel sure that George and Charles will be up there, as well as Philip, James and John but wouldn't it be great if mum and dad decided to look outside the box.

If you go far enough back into Kate's ancestry she hales from 'up north'! There are links to Leeds and the Percy family in Northumberland. That brings into play kings of Northumbria such as Aella, Aethelfrith, Theoderic and Frithwald. Names to conjure with but King Frithwald II! They moved on around 954 AD to be less tribal and more English kings and queens which threw up names like Aethelred the Unready, Edgar and Edmund Ironsides - nothing there I fancy. Edmund and Edgar are not impossible however.

Whatever, they will decide upon what is right for the child and then I fancy will have pet names for their child as is fairly normal in families. Edward VIII was known as David and King George VI - Bertie. The latter was quite understandable as Albert was one of his first names. The parents in this case are very modern 21st century people and perhaps there is room for a little innovation. If the boy becomes king then he will choose the name for his monarchy himself but, of course, there may not be a monarchy by the time he gets his turn!
Just as an added footnote to all this name calling there is a cracker of a name stemming from the time of Solomon (wisdom of) who reigned from 970 - 930 BC - Brutus Greenshield.

Enough of this blatant name dropping and back to the books although  have rather jumped on the bandwagon to take this opportunity to display my wares as it were. I have not struggle  with the titles of my Steele novels at the time of writing but that's not to say they weren't changed. he one I was least happy with was the first 'I Have To Get It Right' because of its length but it reflected a part of the core being of Patrick A Steele and doesn't seem to have stood in the way of sales, however, I did see it referred to as IHTGIR recently! Since the first book I have tried to keep the titles a little more succinct although had to add the definite article to '51st State' to avoid too much confusion with the film of that name.

If there is a disappointing title and cover it is 'The Biter Bit' which is a reflection of the danger in which Steele finds himself in a major way. The title comes from a saying and the cover shows a lion being chased by an elephant which seemed logical to me but perhaps not to the reading world!

The other books' titles were logical choices for me.

God Bless