Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Writing - stories whose ending is not fully resolved.

It seems strange to begin at the end but when I begin to write I already have half an eye on the outcome. I'm not saying that I know exactly how my tales will end (no pun intended) but I like to have a bit of an idea. Rumour has it that JK Rowling new the end of the Potter series long before earlier books were even written. My characters don't have that much self-discipline and are likely to throw in a 'curve ball' which could create mayhem in a well planned concluding chapter. For me, a well-defined ending would be the death knell to my creativity!
However, there are a number of different types of ending depending on the type of story you have created. Heroines can die in their lovers arms, heroes can die, villains often die or maybe escape and so on but then you have the types of ending where a story is not fully resolved. I've been to see a film today that has such an ending.

I enjoyed the film, Brad Pitt was good and the story had elements of 'the possible' which, if well used, can heighten tension but the ending left open a number of possibilities. I will not spoil the suspense by describing the actual method used to complete the film but it is enough to say that there could be a sequel or maybe not!
It's a little like the cliffhanger at the end of an episode of some soap operas, not as with the Potter or Lord of the Rings movies when you know that there is another film coming, but open with possibilities and a bit of tension.

When I write the ending to my stories, so far, there has been a degree of openness that I hope will intrigue the reader enough to want to buy the next book. However, they are not interdependent on each other. It is more a case of if you don't read them all you could be missing something. I hope!
Cessation, currently being written, has no ending as yet. My only intention is that this book will be a one off! That doesn't limit the possibilities I have in bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion. It could be 'happily ever after' or total anarchy, or the beginnings of hope, or somewhere in between. One thing for certain is that the characters will have significant input in the way the story ends.

God Bless