Monday, 19 August 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Cod with brown butter sauce on Puy lentil salad

Cod Loin in brown butter sauce on Puy lentils.

I'm slowing down with this blog in preparation for my holidays but this one was easy. It is inspired by Rachel Khoo who did something similar with another type of fish. As I've said before I have been a salad dodger all my life, mostly the green weeds the health nuts try to get us to eat, so this salad is Puy lentils, tomatoes and spring onions. In fact I've no objection to most ingredients of salad but the green leafy stuff is 90% water and has no pleasant flavour. Water cress is bitter and acrid, Iceberg lettuce is crunchy but tasteless and Rocket is dry and tasteless. All personal stuff of course!
It does make me more creative with salad and I do enjoy, beetroot, cucumber (I know its green) tomatoes, spring onions, rice, pasta, olives, lentils and so on.

There is a missing ingredient, capers which I love in a number of different meals, but unlike the professional chefs I just didn't have any in my cupboards!

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