Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Poetry Thursday 74 - Horror poetry

Poetry, as I have often stated before, is the emotional outpourings of a writer in response to a stimulus that directly influences the poet. That leads to all sorts of subject matter both dark and foreboding as well as about love and happy times. Below I've erred on the side of the former, darker subject resulting from a chance encounter this week. 
I make no apology for the language which is entirely appropriate under the circumstances.

Dark Entity

Did you really think
once jabbed awake you were in control?
Did you?

You couldn’t control it could you?
You thought you could!
Just as well it walked away.

Did you believe that superior disdain
would keep you safe?
Did you?

You thought that a throw away comment would go unnoticed.
Didn’t you?
Keep your portals sealed.

Remain asleep for your sake.
Listen to the music and rest.
They didn’t deserve you.

Hope that it never takes form
for once released there’s only one ending.
©David L Atkinson August 2013

And in a slightly lighter but if you think about it no less worrying tone.

Carpet Burgers

They make babies in a laboratory.
Have done for many years.
Now it’s beef burgers in the laboratory.
Should that raise our fears?

It makes me wonder which is more valuable.
A bouncing baby being
OR the contents of a bread bun able
To have flavour enhancers added to the filling.

The reasons for such weird research
Leaves my mouth agape
What next I wonder from my perch
A copy of the humble grape

When will science stop playing God?
What right have they to try?
We should be happy with our humble lot
Artificially change it and they should fry!
©David L Atkinson August 2013

God Bless