Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Poetry Thursday 76 - A Happy Man

A Happy Man

Ali Hakim from Oklahoma was the archetypal happy man when he stole a kiss from his little 'persian kitten'. Another of my stage roles in amateur dramatics. As you can see he doesn't look that happy but everything works out in the end. In many ways that is the nature of being happy and hence today's poem.


Like the finest wine delighting the palette
A smile that grows wider until you yell it
Bursting from within to the disturbance of others
Drawing together as if we are brothers

Better than running on treadmill or road
Yet muscles aching with the exploded load
Cheeks and sides feel like they’re splitting
Until the tears course down and are dripping

Heat that is generated free of charge
Spreading outward wide and large
No one can denigrate production of sound
There is more than enough to go around

There are no decriers - that is jealousy
This the basest of human heresy
So if the opportunity presents - grasp it
Your soul will sing with joy exquisite
©David L Atkinson September 2012


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God Bless