Thursday, 15 August 2013

Writing - Technodinosaur

Just to begin with I read Bert Carson's blog this morning about the fact that he has created an Android app called Bert-blogging which is available on the Android Play Store for free. I am unashamedly jealous! I have spent quite a bit of time looking to do the same with my Google Blog without any success so far.


I have tried, I've spent money, I've done the Robert Bruce spider thing but it still doesn't bloody work! There are always situations in life that have a significant levelling effect. I can remember the girl who taught me to swim told me that very thing when I was 19. 'Swimming is a great leveller' she said.
Driving was another skill bracketed in a similar way and so the list could go on but technology does not put me on the same level as others. It demotes me to the Conference level of performance. 

Of course being a man I like gadgets but also as a man when I get the latest gadget home I unpack it, glance at the instructions and turn it on! Then I wonder how it works. Building my own app for Android is having a similar outcome. It seems to be there but it will not make the cataclysmic leap from computer to phone!
Oh well I suppose that I'll have to persevere. :(


In fact from a purely technological point of view I've had better weeks. Triberr are not picking up my blogs and haven't been for the last week. There doesn't seem to be anyone who wants to even talk to me about it. In fact they don't seem to want to give me bad news, its worse NO NEWS!

All this angst building up within the walls of my being goes have one benefit. In the act of 'writing from where you're at' I can use my current feelings to enrich the behaviours and feelings  of those characters within my stories. You just need to look inside your own head and transfer what you find there to the page.

Did it!! Here is the free app DLA Blogging blogging

God Bless