Saturday, 17 August 2013

Writing - What if I feel the urge to write but I'm away?

I was asked the above question last night over a pint in my local because I am off on holiday to Canada in a week.

A friend of mine and me are setting off next Saturday on what will be for me a trip of a lifetime. It includes travel on the Rocky Mountaineer train and a cruise from Seattle up to Skagway in Alaska. 
BUT to answer the question I've already started making preparations. It does raise the matter of what being a writer is about. 
Writing is a different process for each individual writer. For me writing is a part of life. The guy who asked the question seemed to believe that the art form is driven by moments of inspiration and to an extent he is correct although for me those moments are ever present in a variety of ways. I think he was referring to writing the novels I've produced, but that is only part of the story.
I began writing poetry many years ago because I felt that I wanted to but always knew that eventually I would move to a longer form. As I have written before I began with a daily diary which I still keep up to and that has been going on for well over ten years. I began writing my first Steele novel in 2009 and have continued non-stop ever since.

So my preparations for going away are not something new. I will pack my diary and a couple of pens.

Also I will take a note book in case I feel the urge to write poetry. What I will not do is allow the writing to get in the way of me enjoying the experience. I am also taking my senses and my memory which will collect feelings and emotions as I am on my way and will probably come out useful later.
I also will be taking technology with me. I have a smartphone that has a built in camera and voice recorder, has my own app (see the information below) and the Blogger app. Then I have a 'proper' digital camera as well that doubles as a video recorder. So lots of opportunity to collect for future writings and the facility to share if I want to.

My App

The link is below so you never need be without me!!!! blogging

God Bless