Saturday, 10 August 2013

Writing - Who sat for the Mona Lisa?

I've been to the Louvre in Paris and spent time in front of this painting along with loads of tourists from a variety of other countries each one clutching their blue translator that resembled large kitchen spatulas! If you haven't seen it in the flesh it is not that easy to appreciate as it is in a glass case.
There has always been a puzzle as to who the lady who sat was but more investigative work is in process in Florence.

Scientists in the Italian city of Florence have opened a tomb to extract DNA they hope will identify the model for Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
The tomb contains the family of Lisa Gherardini, a silk merchant's wife who is believed to have sat for the artist.
It is hoped DNA will help to identify her from three skeletons found last year in a nearby convent.
Experts have for centuries puzzled over the woman featured in the Mona Lisa, and the reason for her cryptic smile. (no prizes for the most creative answer!) One theory is that it was a self-portrait of da Vinci.
Writer and researcher Silvano Vinceti plans to compare DNA from the bones with that of three women buried at the nearby convent of Saint Ursula.
Lisa Gherardini died there as a nun in 1542.

But what a story you could write around this topic probably in the style of Dan Brown and the da Vinci Code. It would make a great story flashing back to da Vinci's time and then leaping forward to the present day where the politics of disinterring the bones of a long dead nun for financial gain of being the one responsible for coming up with the definitive answer to the question of who was the lady in the painting? Perhaps I should shut up and write it!


It is often said that you shouldn't write when you are under the influence of alcohol but I wonder if that is always the case, particularly with poetry.

Is there no light?

The words are in my head
and the journey persists.
Endings have no meaning
and are individual.
Explanations are subjective
and infinite.
Meaning is available
and inexplicable.
The path is unknown
and malleable.
Solutions are irrelevant
and unobtainable.

©David L Atkinson August 2013

Fools and drunks speak the truth!

God Bless