Thursday, 22 August 2013

Writing - Winding down for the holidays


I will be missing publishing this blog for almost three weeks and so I hope my regulars will bear with me for that time. 
A good friend of mine, someone I worked with, who is godfather to my daughter and who I have traveled with previously will be with me.
I am doing something that I've always had near the top of my 'bucket' list and that is to travel through the Rockies by train. 

Rocky Mountaineer

We also will have a seven day cruise from Seattle to Skagway and back, so a sojourn into the USA. The scenery is going to be spectacular and the atmosphere relaxing.

I thank everyone who has given support and hope you will keep an eye on my blog and facebook over the next three weeks as I will throw in the odd update.

My App

The link is below so you never need be without me!!!!

God Bless