Monday, 30 September 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - Pork and green veg curry

Pork and green vegetable curry

It must be said this is not a south east Asian curry so has never seen lemon grass, lime juice or coconut milk none of which I particularly like. It is an Indian style curry. The nature of this dish is back to the 'make do and mend' style. Last weekend I'd roasted a piece of pork shoulder, vegetables, sage and onion seasoning and apple sauce, and had a piece left over after four days. The choice was to eat cold in a sandwich or to make a curry, rather like the frequent Christmas dilemma I settled on the curry.

Cooking is a continual learning experience and having watched many expert chefs there are one or two things that I've picked up which I usually find enhances my efforts. On this occasion, rather than just using curry powder I added the left over seasoning and a dessertspoonful of the apple sauce for sweetness.

The recipe is very cheap but partly because the vegetables were locally grown by a friend and cost nothing so as the meat was leftovers the meal only cost the price of an onion. Unlike the celebrity chefs I don't have cupboards full of stuff that will need throwing out and changing every couple of weeks but I usually have garlic available.

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God Bless