Monday, 23 September 2013

A Tuesday Recipe - A steak meal

As I'm trying to lose the half stone I put on during the recent sojourn to Canada and the USA, a recipe blog seems a little de-motivating. However, we still need to eat and so I decided on sirloin steak with a couple of accompaniments.

The tomatoes speak for themselves. 

There are a couple of potato rosti made from finely chopped onion, potato and a beaten egg. I boiled the potatoes first added the onion about half way through the cooking time and then beat an egg at the end stirring it into the mash and onions, and fried on both sides until golden brown.

The steak I pan fried in butter and olive oil with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. I added a tbsp plain flour and a glass of red wine to deglaze the pan and used the residue as a topping for the steak.

Okay I know that it wasn't very slimming but the steak was small!

I love Marmite but the marketing people who renamed the small jar really were cooking on gas!

God Bless