Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Poetry Thursday 77 - I'm back!


Never before in the field of human experience
have the senses been assaulted so thoroughly,
continuously and pleasurably.
Higher than high,
Deeper than deep,
the experiences were contiguous day-to-day.
The endless series of kodak moments would have taken every daylight second
without appropriate self-control.
©David L Atkinson September 2013

 Our observation coach on the Rocky Mountaineer

Yes I have returned following an amazing holiday in Canada. What can I focus on? How can anyone describe in a few words the amazing sights and sounds that assaulted our senses day after day in the beautiful wilderness that is this vast country.
I could talk about the wonderfully cheerful, helpful and efficient staff on both the train and ship the Norwegian Jewel.

I could talk about the weather which can be disappointing in late August early September but which was incredible. Calm seas, sunburn and shorts were the order of the day. Perhaps the food, which was consistently good in every place. Maybe the cities, Vancouver is amazing as were a number of other places.

When booking a holiday you hope that it will all work well but of course you are pulling together a vast number of factors that can taint the overall experience. I can't think of one! Enough said?

God Bless