Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Poetry Thursday 79 - People and Bears

Why do people think they have the right?

What gives people the right to
dump on others’ misfortune?
Would they be happy to
accept criticism opportune?

What happened to the milk
of human kindness?
When was it replaced with ilk
of personal thoughtlessness?

It would phase me if one day
there was a modicum of understanding.
A demonstration of the way
of mutual forbearing.
©David L Atkinson September 2013


It’s a love hate thing
What cold people do in jest
In others’ distress
©David L Atkinson September 2013

No bears

We were promised black and wild grizzly bears.
There would be cougar, maybe moose and deer.
Bald eagles, osprey will display their wares.
But it seems they always fail to appear!
Neither in coach nor train did we see them.
Wildlife in Canada plainly missing.
Banff to Vancouver we didn’t hear them!
Only homo sapiens presenting.
Grouse Mountain held the answer of grizzlies.
Sadly both wolves were out the day we came!
Lumberjacks cavorted aloft dizzily
Animal life’s agenda not the same.

No one to blame for the creatures missing
Rather the seasons turn round progressing.

©David L Atkinson September 2013

I think today I prefer the bears!

God Bless